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Our Giving Partner

Giving Partner TKC

Lisa Jauregui launched BK Beauty in 2019 after years of building an online community of women around the world through her YouTube Channel, Lisa J Makeup. A former makeup artist, Lisa turned to YouTube as an outlet to connect with women and teach them how they can use makeup to enhance their true beauty.

What started as passionate hobby, would lead her to launching BK Beauty with her husband Paul only a few years later. BK was inspired by her daughters Brooklyn and Kate, and further more the message she wanted to teach them around what beauty truly is… Beauty is Kindness.

BK Beauty is a committed partner and supporter of The Kindness Campaign, giving back a portion of sales to support the incredible work of TKC. With every BK Beauty purchase you make, a donation is made to inspire kindness by helping to bring TKC’s impactful curriculum and interactive experiences to children and schools everywhere.

The Kindness Campaign is a nonprofit that provides positive and accessible tools that promote emotional health. TKC is on a mission to create societal change by teaching emotional awareness, empathy, and community building, and most importantly the development of self-image starting as early as three years old.

The Future is Kindness! Learn more at